Danolas Productions Blog Debut

So it’s finally happening.  I’m up and blogging.  I’ve been anticipating this for awhile because I have so much going on!

First and foremost, I’m working on my new show  “Shades of Green: New England” which features the most inspiring, passionate, authentic business owners you will ever meet!  Their mission: to set new industry standards doing the business that they love without leaving an impact on the Earth.  So here’s an example:  Day and Alison from GG2G, “Green Goods to Give and to Get”  (see below with baby Sophie – who’s actually more of a toddler these days).  They design funky handbags, belts, and headbands from used billboards.  Yes, those heavy-duty vinyl advertisements (Dunkin’ Donuts and Saab are big requests)  that line the highways –  turned into the coolest bags you’ve ever seen.  And they’re always looking for ways to keep other big items out  of the landfill by finding a use for them in their designs.  They’ve developed something of a reputation for this and people drop off  all sorts of materials at their store:  sailcloth (from actual sailboats), inner tubes from bicycles, even event banners – stuff that would otherwise wind up in a dumpster ends up on Day and Alison’s “drafting table” – incorporated into a chic new bag.


Day, Alison and Sophie from GG2G

The other couple I’ve met in my travels is Henry and Lisa Lovejoy.  They used to work in the lobster export business but decided they could no longer stomach the overfishing that was taking place and the amount of bycatch that was dragged up from the ocean floor.   Bycatch is the industry name for the unintended targets:  fish too young to catch or not intended for sale.  Basically, it’s waste all dumped back into the ocean.  Not good for maintaining our global fisheries.  So, with a front row seat to this plundering, the Lovejoys decided to do something about it, only sourcing seafood from sustainable fisheries.  That essentially means that the suppliers they deal with only fish what can be replenished.  The Lovejoys also work to introduce new seafood to the market, so that popular stocks can be replenished.  You’ll hear more about some of the new types of fish when I introduce you to Australia’s Barimundi.   EcoFish’s  products are now  in 1000 grocery stores and 150 restuarants nationwide.Henry and Lisa Lovejoy of EcoFish

You will soon be able to meet these environmental pioneers when “Shades of Green: New England” launches.

The business owners I’ll introduce you to all share one thing in common: at some point in their business plan, they put “planet before profits.”  This is a recurring theme in the companies I’ll be profiling.  You will also be able to embrace this philosophy by wearing my new t-shirts.  Stay tuned for information on how to get one and what “green” cause a portion of the proceeds will support.


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